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 Saturday, 30. Sep 2023   15:24 
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Bitter Aromatic Plant Dried Honey Large Reed Leaf
Peppery Aromatic Plant Fresh Honey Small Reed Leaf
Spicy Aromatic Plant Large Insect Fossil Large Reed Stem
Dry Bark Small Insect Fossil Small Reed Stem
Fresh Bark Dead Insect Larva Dry Resin
Large Bud Living Insect Larva Fresh Resin
Small Bud Fresh Kitin Cocoon Dried Modified Sap
Blue Butterfly Wing Old Kitin Cocoon Fresh Modified Sap
Green Butterfly Wing Kitin Saliva Golden Fish Scale
Red Butterfly Wing Dead Leaf Silvery Fish Scale
Yellow Butterfly Wing Grean Leaf Giant Pearly Shell
Dried Cereal Rotting Leaf Large Pearly Shell
Fresh Cereal Dried Loose Soil Small Pearly Shell
Blooming Dandelion Fresh Loose Soil Spider Silk
Dried Dandelion Dry Moss Worm Silk
Fresh Dandelion Fresh Moss Large Spiders Web
Dust Large Mushroom Small Spiders Web
Large Egg Small Mushroom Damp Straw
Small Egg Dead Parasite Dry Straw
Damp Fiber Living Parasite Giant Thorn
Dry Fiber Giant Pearl Large Thorn
Rotting Fiber Large Pearl Small Thorn
Large Firefly Abdomen Small Pearl Dry Wax
Small Firefly Abdomen Black Pigment Fresh Wax
Dried Flower Petal Blue Pigment Dried Wild Berry
Fresh Flower Petal Green Pigment Fresh Wild Berry
Psykopla Pistil Red Pigment Dry Wood
Large Fruit Yellow Pigment Fresh Wood
Small Fruit Large Plant Fossil Rotting Wood
Dried Goo Residue Small Plant Fossil Damp Wood Sawdust
Fresh Goo Residue Giant Reed Leaf Dry Wood Sawdust
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