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Saga of Ryzom
World of Warcraft
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Ballistic Mystix

The Chest of Wisdom
 - Amber Cubes

The Creatures of Atys
 - Bawaab
 - Clopper (not Live)
 - Gnoof (not Live)
 - Goari (not Live)
 - Izam (not Live)
 - Javing (not Live)
 - Ragus (not Live)
 - Slaveni (not Live)
 - Varynx (not Live)

The Fyros
 - Fyros History: New Beginning (not Live)
 - Fyros Story 2

The Geography of Atys
 - Cities of Intuition
 - Dew Drops
 - Imperial Dunes (not Live)
 - Liberty Lake (not Live)
 - Majestic Garden
 - Winds of Muse (not Live)

The Homin Crafter
 - Armor and Shields
 - Jewelry
 - Melee Weapons
 - Range weapons and ammo

The Kami
 - Kamis and Fyros (not Live)

The Karavan
 - Karavan Story 1 (not Live)
 - Karavan Story 2 (not Live)
 - The Karavan and the Fyros (not Live)

The Kitins
 - Kincher
 - Kitin Story 2 (not Live)
 - Kitins in continent Fyros (not Live)
 - Kitins in continent Tryker (not Live)
 - Kizoar

The Matis
 - Matis History: Exile in the Prime Roots (not Live)

The resources of Atys
 - Food
 - Trykers and lake materials
 - Wood nodes (not Live)
 - Zoraïs and jungle materials

The Tribes of Atys
 - The Corsairs (not Live)
 - The Matisian Border Guards (not Live)

The Tryker
 - The Trykers and the Zoraï (not Live)
 - Tryker History: New Beginning (not Live)

The Zoraï
 - Zoraï Culture: Religion (not Live)
 - Zoraï History: New Beginning (not Live)

Majestic Garden

 Increase your Focus capacity by 50

Majestic Garden is situated on the continent of Verdant Heights. It takes its name from the beautiful gardens near the ancient capital of Matia. These gardens were elaborated under the reign of King Noblis and constituted one of the wonders of the ancient world. After two years of Prime Root confinement, it was no wonder that Majestic Garden were the first words that came into King Yasson's head on beholding the enchanted forest likened to that of his cherished homelands.

The new capital was soon established and named after the new born Matis Prince, Yrkanis, as a symbol of renaissance. Added to this came the villages of Davae, Natae and Avalae, named after the first three female babies born in the Matis colony of the Verdant Heights. The region also shelters a single outpost aptly named Psykopla Knoll Trading Post.

Years of matis presence has made this forest one of the safest on Atys, safe enough for the novice to begin to cut his or her teeth. That said, Majestic Garden harbors a host of potentially dangerous animals including Ragus, Yubo, Bodoc, Capryni and the Gingo. The only species of kitin present in the region is the Kipee, a peaceful herbivore which can be observed munching away at the lush vegetation. Among the flora, the most spectacular is the gathering of Psykopla plants clustered on a mound and bound to intrigue the inquisitive eye.

Another interesting feature is the arena where homins come to match theit might and wit, and near which the merchant tribe of the Green Seed (the only tribe in the region) ofter sets up camp.

Being one of the first regions of the newfound lands to be cleared, Majestic Garden benefits from a judicious network of bollards that sprout from the ground. These bollards mark the way between town and village allowing the wayward traveler to quickly pick up the lost track.

Altars of the venerated Karavan will be found inside towns and villages. Kamis have a single altar established outside the capital.

Giver: Nirni CioriniTo Map
Task: Take an order to Majestic Garden for Nirni Ciorini
Giver: Nirni CioriniTo Map
Task: Take a report to Natae for Nirni Ciorini
Giver: Nirni CioriniTo Map
Task: Take a message to Avalae for Nirni Ciorini
Giver: Cicho TrivaldoTo Map
Task: The hidden resources of Majestic Garden
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