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The Chest of Wisdom
 - Amber Cubes

The Creatures of Atys
 - Bawaab
 - Clopper (not Live)
 - Gnoof (not Live)
 - Goari (not Live)
 - Izam (not Live)
 - Javing (not Live)
 - Ragus (not Live)
 - Slaveni (not Live)
 - Varynx (not Live)

The Fyros
 - Fyros History: New Beginning (not Live)
 - Fyros Story 2

The Geography of Atys
 - Cities of Intuition
 - Dew Drops
 - Imperial Dunes (not Live)
 - Liberty Lake (not Live)
 - Majestic Garden
 - Winds of Muse (not Live)

The Homin Crafter
 - Armor and Shields
 - Jewelry
 - Melee Weapons
 - Range weapons and ammo

The Kami
 - Kamis and Fyros (not Live)

The Karavan
 - Karavan Story 1 (not Live)
 - Karavan Story 2 (not Live)
 - The Karavan and the Fyros (not Live)

The Kitins
 - Kincher
 - Kitin Story 2 (not Live)
 - Kitins in continent Fyros (not Live)
 - Kitins in continent Tryker (not Live)
 - Kizoar

The Matis
 - Matis History: Exile in the Prime Roots (not Live)

The resources of Atys
 - Food
 - Trykers and lake materials
 - Wood nodes (not Live)
 - Zoraïs and jungle materials

The Tribes of Atys
 - The Corsairs (not Live)
 - The Matisian Border Guards (not Live)

The Tryker
 - The Trykers and the Zoraï (not Live)
 - Tryker History: New Beginning (not Live)

The Zoraï
 - Zoraï Culture: Religion (not Live)
 - Zoraï History: New Beginning (not Live)


 Increase your maximum Hit Points by 50.

The kizoar is a prudent Kitin scavenger whose powerful wings, with a span of 2 meters, allowit to flee swiftly at the slightest danger. Collects resources for the colony. It will hover over agonizing prey until it is safe enough to finish it off with its lethal sting.

Family: Kitins, worker type.

Social role in Kitin colony: Scavenger.

Behavior: Peaceful, will defend itself in case of attack.

Habitat: All over Atys.

Exceptional specimen(s): Razoa, Tang-Ka, Razing, Zorak, Rayler, Scaver

Sociability: Moderate group instinct.

Speed of movement: Fast.

Natural armor: Low protection against slashing blows.

Magical protection: Very high protection against rot attacks; moderate protection against acid attacks.

Magical immunities: Immune against root and madness attacks.

Type of attack: Melee (piercing).

Special attack: Stinging strike (critical melee piercing attack).

Valued resources: Mandible (shaft, ammo bullet), shell (barrel, armor shell), sting (blade, point), wing (explosives, stuffing), tail (firing pin, armor clip), flesh.

Giver: Bechi Chiado
Task: Bechi Chiado wants to wipe out the Kitins that are attacking anything that moves in Fleeting Garden
Giver: Bechi Chiado
Task: Kill the kitins that are attacking anything that moves in Fleeting Garden
Giver: Bechi Chiado
Task: Aniche Anigno needs someone to wipe out the carnivores that are decimating herds in Fleeting Garden
Giver: Bechi Chiado
Task: Bechi Chiado needs some help to fight the Fleeting Lords in Fleeting Garden
Giver: Ana Ryon
Task: The Kizoars
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