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 Tuesday, 22. Sep 2020   22:05 
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Ballistic Mystix

Autolauncher Ammo Bowpistol Ammo
Bowrifle Ammo Launcher Ammo
Pistol Ammo Rifle Ammo
Caster Pants Heavy Boots
Heavy Gloves Heavy Helmet
Heavy Pants Heavy Sleeves
Heavy Vest Light Boots
Light Gloves Light Pants
Light Sleeves Light Vest
Medium Boots Medium Gloves
Medium Pants Medium Sleeves
Medium Vest Medium Quality Caster Pants
Medium Quality Heavy Boots Medium Quality Heavy Gloves
Medium Quality Heavy Helmet Medium Quality Heavy Pants
Medium Quality Heavy Sleeves Medium Quality Heavy Vest
Medium Quality Light Boots Medium Quality Light Gloves
Medium Quality Light Pants Medium Quality Light Sleeves
Medium Quality Light Vest Medium Quality Medium Boots
Medium Quality Medium Gloves Medium Quality Medium Pants
Medium Quality Medium Sleeves Medium Quality Medium Vest
High Quality Caster Pants High Quality Heavy Boots
High Quality Heavy Gloves High Quality Heavy Helmet
High Quality Heavy Pants High Quality Heavy Sleeves
High Quality Heavy Vest High Quality Light Boots
High Quality Light Gloves High Quality Light Pants
High Quality Light Sleeves High Quality Light Vest
High Quality Medium Boots High Quality Medium Gloves
High Quality Medium Pants High Quality Medium Sleeves
High Quality Medium Vest
Big Conglomerate of Attics Lower Brick Wall
Major Covering Plate Major Ornamental Part
Major Part of Pedestal Minor Covering Plate
Minor Ornamental Part Minor Part of Column
Minor Part of Pedestal Minor Part of Statue
Small Conglomerate of Attics
Anklet Bracelet
Diadem Earring
Pendant Ring
Medium Quality Anklet Medium Quality Bracelet
Medium Quality Diadem Medium Quality Earring
Medium Quality Pendant Medium Quality Ring
High Quality Anklet High Quality Bracelet
High Quality Diadem High Quality Earring
High Quality Pendant High Quality Ring
Melee Weapon
Axe Cheng-Duk Magic Amplifier
Cheng-Jen Magic Amplifier Dagger
Generic Rite Axe Lance
Long Axe Long Mace
Long Sword Mace
Maga-Duk Magic Amplifier Maga-Jen Magic Amplifier
Magic Amplifier Pike
Staff Sword
Tekorn-Duk Two Handed Axe Tekorn-Jen Axe
Tekorn-Jen Dagger Tekorn-Jen Mace
Tekorn-Jen Pike Tekorn-Jen Spear
Tekorn-Jen Staff Tekorn-Jen Sword
Tekorn-Jen Two Handed Axe Tekorn-Jen Two Handed Mace
Tekorn-Jen Two Handed Sword Vedice-Duk Two Handed Axe
Vedice-Jen Axe Vedice-Jen Dagger
Vedice-Jen Pike Vedice-Jen Spear
Vedice-Jen Staff Vedice-Jen Sword
Vedice-Jen Two Handed Axe Vedice-Jen Two Handed Mace
Vedice-Jen Two Handed Sword Medium Quality Axe
Medium Quality Dagger Medium Quality Lance
Medium Quality Long Axe Medium Quality Long Mace
Medium Quality Long Sword Medium Quality Mace
Medium Quality Magic Amplifier Medium Quality Pike
Medium Quality Staff Medium Quality Sword
High Quality Axe High Quality Dagger
High Quality Lance High Quality Long Axe
High Quality Long Mace High Quality Long Sword
High Quality Mace High Quality Magic Amplifier
High Quality Pike High Quality Staff
High Quality Sword
Range Weapon
Autolauncher Bowpistol
Bowrifle Generic Rite Bowrifle
Launcher Pistol
Rifle Tekorn-Jen Autolauncher
Tekorn-Jen Bowpistol Tekorn-Jen Bowrifle
Tekorn-Jen Launcher Tekorn-Jen Pistol
Tekorn-Jen Rifle Vedice-Jen Autolauncher
Vedice-Jen Bowpistol Vedice-Jen Bowrifle
Vedice-Jen Launcher Vedice-Jen Mace
Vedice-Jen Pistol Vedice-Jen Rifle
Medium Quality Autolauncher Medium Quality Bowpistol
Medium Quality Bowrifle Medium Quality Launcher
Medium Quality Pistol Medium Quality Rifle
High Quality Autolauncher High Quality Bowpistol
High Quality Bowrifle High Quality Launcher
High Quality Pistol High Quality Rifle
Buckler Generic Rite Buckler
Shield Medium Quality Buckler
Medium Quality Shield High Quality Buckler
High Quality Shield
Armilo-Duk Ammo Crafting Tool Armilo-Duk Armor Crafting Tool
Armilo-Duk Jewel Crafting Tool Armilo-Duk Melee Weapon Crafting Tool
Armilo-Duk Range Weapon Crafting Tool Armilo-Jen Ammo Crafting Tool
Armilo-Jen Armor Crafting Tool Armilo-Jen Jewel Crafting Tool
Armilo-Jen Melee Crafting Tool Armilo-Jen Range Weapon Crafting Tool
Egiros-Duk Pick Crafting Tool Egiros-Jen Pick Crafting Tool
Greslin-Duk Pick Crafting Tool Greslin-Jen Pick Crafting Tool
Rubbarn-Duk Ammo Crafting Tool Rubbarn-Duk Armor Crafting Tool
Rubbarn-Duk Jewel Crafting Tool Rubbarn-Duk Melee Weapon Crafting Tool
Rubbarn-Duk Range Weapon Crafting Tool Rubbarn-Jen Ammo Crafting Tool
Rubbarn-Jen Armor Crafting Tool Rubbarn-Jen Jewel Crafting Tool
Rubbarn-Jen Melee Weapon Crafting Tool Rubbarn-Jen Range Weapon Crafting Tool
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